2021: In Review of Music

Published on December 28th, 2021

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I listen to a lot of music. As much and as often as I can, in fact. I enjoy discussing music and new finds with friends (hi Jon), and am constantly searching for related artists to continue to build my ever-expanding library. When I'm not in meetings, it's a pretty safe bet that I've got headphones on.

I listen to music through Plex and fortunately PlexAmp gives me some fun statistics at the end of every year.

Without futher ado, here are my top lists from 2021:

Top Tracks

  1. Greif Eater — Lower Definition
  2. Parasitic Cleanse — Hail the Sun
  3. Honeydew — Strawberry Girls
  4. Siren — Arlo Wells
  5. Pillow Talk — Chapel
  6. Coastal Flora — Pictures of Wild Life
  7. Opulence (feat. Pulses.) — I Met a Yeti
  8. Violet Evergarden — Ben Rosett
  9. Counterfeit Shrines — Eidola
  10. Picture Perfect — Foxera

Top Artists

  1. Rivals
  2. Sleep Token
  3. Tilian
  4. I Built the Sky
  5. Capstan
  6. Hail the Sun
  7. Bilmuri
  8. Pictures of Wild Life
  9. Dance Gavin Dance
  10. Eidola

Top Albums

  1. Terrene — Pictures of Wild Life
  2. You're Welcome — A Day to Remember
  3. Waking Life — Lost Trees
  4. Peach Club — Emarosa
  5. Sad Looks Pretty On Me — Rivals
  6. New Age Filth — Hail the Sun
  7. Factory Reset — Tilian
  8. 400LB BACK SQUAT — Bilmuri
  9. Tree City Sessions 2 — Dance Gavin Dance
  10. The Architect — Eidola

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2022: In Review of Music
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