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Front-End Toolbelt: `--allow-empty`

Posted June 1st, 2017 in FrontEnd-Toolbelt tagged JavaScript, Git

Recently I’ve been working on an automated deployment system for projects, which can do useful things like allow for super simple pushes, and makes my deployments way less susceptible to error (and to be honest less scary). However - the tedium of the project came in the form of lots of commits. So many, that I was developing this strange half-robotic, half-smash…

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ProTip: A PHP Cache Buster for CSS + JavaScript Assets

Posted July 1st, 2016 in PHP tagged CSS, JavaScript

I know that it’s extremely rare for me to post about PHP… but hear me out. I’ve worked with a few clients who will about halfway through their project receive link from me to get a first-look at their project in development. Throughout the project they’ll get updates from me about going back to this same development preview link, but the problem I have experienced is that their browser has previously cached (now stale)…

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Optimizing CSS Inheritance

Posted June 2nd, 2016 in CSS tagged Less, How To

In working with CSS quite a bit, I’ve been through quite a few iterations of organization schemes, ultimately landing on a mixture of BEM, SMACSS, and some of my own preferences. My Less files were beginning to feel a bit bloated, especially in the scaffolding type areas such as default button styles, columns, block layouts, and other complex …

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Height vs innerHeight vs OuterHeight

Posted May 1st, 2016 in JavaScript tagged Layout

This is more of a brain-dump for myself than anything, but if this visual representation of the box model helps you when working with these commonly-named and often-confused methods I’ll consider this article a huge win. Writing this out properly has spurred on a fun little clickable CSS box model on CodePen. Oh, and even though I’ve expressly written about

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